Please use this form to submit a request for your Altar Candles or Memorials. Every candle costs $25. We would politely ask you to make your checks payable to Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church and mail it to us or use the Donate button on the homepage to pay online. Just simply write “altar candle” in the memo section. Thank you and Memory Eternal to your loved one.



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When you have a memorial it is traditional to order Kolyva. If you need help with making Kolyva and prosphora, please contact church office at 414-461-9400
Please type the text you would like us to publish in the weekly Messenger and the Koinonia. An example for an Altar Candle: “An Altar Candle is offered in loving memory of ________________ by his/her family. ” An example for a memorial: A One Year Memorial is offered for _____________.