Serving all 3rd-5th grade youth (and their families), JOY,  or Junior Orthodox Youth program, is a national parish ministry of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Led by Stephanie Stephenson, our youth director, and a volunteer corps of parents and young adults, the mission of this ministry is to continue to inform and form Annunciation’s youth into committed, loving, and enthusiastic Orthodox Christians, through worship, fellowship, fun, and service.

Throughout the year, JOY children participate in a variety of activities that reinforce the life-giving teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church. Activities are structured to bring together these youth in a spirit of love and joy, strengthening their relationship with one another, and with Christ.

Connecting them with their faith and community at a young age, and encouraging them to truly engage their life in Christ, JOY youth participate in a variety of multifaceted programs tailored specifically to them. These ministries include our Sunday School program, the Altar Boy and Myrofores opportunities, annual retreats, Greek Dance, and Saint Iakovos Summer Camp.

Encouraged also, to give back to their parish and those in need, our JOY ministry participates in philanthropic endeavors too, as well numerous other community-wide projects, events, and liturgical services.

Requiring consistent participation by our parents to be truly effective, all families who wish to involve their youth and themselves, in this ministry are strongly encouraged to do so.  With any questions, or for further information please contact Annunciation Church office or email us at

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