Purpose/Mission Statement:
The Orthodox League is a social organization.  Its function is to give young married couples in the Greek Orthodox community an opportunity to meet and enjoy Christian fellowship.  Our activities include: dinner parties and social gatherings at members’ homes, outings to restaurants, plays and baseball games, etc.

Time Commitment:
Activities are arranged every 3-6 months.

Young married couples…no firm age requirement.

Activities Have Included:
Dinner or hors d‘oeurve parties at members’ homes.
Attending a Brewer’s baseball game, preceded by a tailgate party.
Attending a play and meeting for dinner beforehand.
Meeting for dinner at a Greek restaurant followed by Greek dancing with music provided by a DJ.
Playing softball on a summer league.
Meeting for dinner and a show at a comedy club.
Great opportunity for young married parishioners to socialize and make friends!

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