Purpose/Mission Statement:
Our purpose is to offer service to the Church: to aid those who may be in need of help
due to physical, mental or financial challenges and to promote participation in the activities of the Greek Orthodox Community.

Time Commitment:
There are 6 General Meetings between the months of September and June.  Dependent upon one’s
interests and availability, there is always opportunity to offer one’s service.

Greek Orthodox women at least 18 years of age.  These are the women and men who are dedicated to
being a friend of the poor, or as expressed in the Greek language, “Φίλος το Πτοχόν.”  These are the people who work
towards raising funds for scholarships, enabling many young people without the means to continue in their education;
who are active in influencing new legislation for the betterment of mankind; who represent with devotion our beloved Orthodoxy,
and to be sure, Christianity, to the whole world.

The Philoptochos member who is a true member, serves without reservation.  The member listens to others without hasty judgment or criticisms, and in short,
fosters good will through one’s actions, words and deeds.

All these then, are woven into our personalities and then, as individuals, we in turn, are woven into a perfect formula for the guiding principles
of our own personal lives.  As we live, we set the guidelines for future generations of Greek Orthodox Christians.

The ladies of the Annunciation Philoptochos Society assist in the ministries and philanthropy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate,
the Archdiocese of America and the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago.  They assist the Clergy in all Parish ministries.

May God grant us the health and knowledge to continue in the Service of our Lord and His Church.

Events Include:

Hosting receptions for special events held at the Church.

Annual Vasilopita auction to raise money for St. Basil’s Academy – a residential school for school-age children.

Preparation of Christmas and Pascha gifts for shut-ins in the parish.

Hospital and home visitations.

Baking the pastries for the festival beginning in May each year.

Visitation Committee:
As an Orthodox Christian Outreach of the Ladies Philoptochos Society; the Visitation Committee offers love,
fellowship and encouragement to the faithful who are homebound, in hospitals and in nursing homes.  Our devoted ladies visit monthly and
offer the love and prayers of our Church Parish.

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