What do you like about living at the Manor?

 “I like the location.  Even though it is in the city, it is quiet here.” – G.K. 

“The other people.  I like the cook-outs on the holidays when we get together.” – C.A.  

“It is affordable for me because I don’t have a lot of income.” – B.B. 

“People who live around me are respectful.  It is a nice quiet setting, even though it is right next to Milwaukee.” – N.T. 

“It is close to my Church.” – K.M.

 “I like looking at the Church and the Community Center.  The grounds look like a park.” – N.M. 

“It is clean and safe and my neighbors are very nice.” – M.B.

 “I like my apartment.  It is the right amount of space for someone my age to keep up.” – J.B.  

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